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Laseriobaria 2.0_S (eng) – inventmed.pl

Laseriobaria 2.0_S (eng)


Main features and advantages of multifunction therapeutic device LASEROBARIA 2.0_S

● concomitant therapy with application of oxygen, ozone, magnetic field and light
● mobility due to small size and mass
● competitive price

LASEROBARIA 2.0_S is a proprietary invention of professor Aleksander Sieroń, designed and produced by INVENTMED Sp. z o.o. company. The device gives the opportunity to treat patients with chronic would of extremities, caused by, among others, diabetes, decubitus ulcers and the so-called lower legs ulcers and postoperative wounds.

It is estimated that approximately half million people in Poland suffers from the aforementioned disorders.  3 to 5 million people suffers from these disorders in Europe alone. Very often the only solution to these problems is limb amputation. In India and Pakistan, the number of people suffering from diabetes is approx. 60 million, in China- approx. 100 million. About 5% people from this group will have complications in the form of lower legs ulcers.

The application of our method of treatment, based on the combined action of pressurized oxygen and ozone, therapeutic light with proper wave length and magnetic field, provides bacteriologic cleanness of the wound and facilitates healing.


It is worth mentioning that classical hyperbaric treatment of chronic wounds, performed in hyperbaric chamber requires investments of around 5 million PLN, it is used exclusively in reference centres and provides no opportunity for concomitant therapy- treatment with oxygen, ozone, magnetic field and light. The cost of the device manufactures in our company is substantially lower, which means that the purchase of the apparatus becomes more available for hospitals, polyclinics, rehabilitation rooms or private medical practices.

Small weight and size of the device allows its application also in home-based treatment, in nursing facilities and multi-specialist hospitals including, in particular, Angiology, Diabetology, Internal Diseases and Geriatric Wards.  In our business we plan cooperation with academic centres in order to establish foundations for scientific projects in the form of publications in papers with impact factor.



Basic parametres of the device :

  • Induction of the magnetic field with a value up to 4300 µt, generation of sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular and half sequences in the frequency range from 0.5 to 100Hz
  • Wavelength of the red light 630 nm, ultraviolet light 370 nm
  • oxygen pressure: 3 kpa
  • output of the ozone pump: 3.5l / min

OXYGEN THERAPY – hyperbaric therapy with oxygen

One of the most effective method of the delivery of oxygen to all cells of the body.. The application of pressure higher than atmospheric one deprives oxygen of physiological barriers for permeating through tissues, and as a result oxygen can penetrate the poorly perfused areas, such as wounds. Oxygen permeates not only into red blood cells; its concentration increases also in blood serum, lymphatic system and cerebro-spinal fluid. Hyperbaric therapy facilitates physiological processes in the body, improving the regeneration of tissues and wound healing in case of ailments such as diabetic foot, complications in soft tissues and bones after radiotherapy. It also facilitates neovascularization, which means the formation of new vessels in case of injury or disease. Hyperbaric therapy diminishes inflammation and has proven efficiency in numerous disease entities.

OZONE THERAPY – hyperbaric therapy with ozone
One of the most efficient treatment methods. Ozone is the strongest bactericide, fungicide and virucide. It oxygenates cells, detoxifies, improves cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation, reduces clustering of red blood cells, improves oxygen transport and blood circulation, increases oxygen absorption of tissues, destroys fungi, bacteria and viruses and prevents their re-generation.

MAGNETIC THERAPY – therapy with magnetic field
Magnetic field effectively facilitates regeneration of diseased tissues, diminished pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. While permeating through human body, it reaches each and every cell and causes various reactions, for instance it influences cellular membrane structures, altering their properties, it activates enzymatic reactions, has impact on collagen, keratin and other proteins, causing cell movement, it changes pH value of water in the body, rate of crystallization, concentration of gases dissolved in this water (oxygen, for example) and provides the water with bactericidal properties. Magnetic field is beneficial for internal respiration processes and tissue regeneration, minimizes inflammations, oedema, mitigates pain, increases the oxygen absorption in tissues.

LIGHT THERAPY- red and ultra-violet light therapy
During the procedure, various lengths of waves are absorbed by the skin, enhancing natural processes and diminishing pain. Red light increases blood and oxygen flow, causes the formation of oxygen free radicals, providing bactericidal properties. Light therapy is very effective in treatment of diabetic skin ulcerations.